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Artist Behind the Label: Robert Edmonds and Main Street Brewing

Robert Edmonds and the folks at Main Street Brewing are bringing new meaning to the term ‘brand storytelling’ with their latest Bond-esque brew series—and you’re invited to sip along on their next mission. For the third instalment of our Artist Behind the Label series, Robert Edmonds—co-founder of Evoke International Design and part-owner of Main Street … Continued

BC Craft Breweries and Farmers’ Markets: A Symbiotic Relationship

There’s something about the combination of craft breweries and farmers’ markets that is beautifully wholesome. For some, it’s a combination that brings the community together for fun and connection. For others, it’s like a lifeline and a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Craft beer fans typically have a handful of cherished beer memories. You know the … Continued

15 BC Attractions That Offer Craft Beer

Writer Lucas Aykroyd spotlights some perfect places to enjoy travel and tourism in British Columbia while sampling craft beer at the same time. The wait is finally over. It’s time to get back out there and explore British Columbia this summer. When you visit BC attractions that offer craft beer, it just makes your sightseeing … Continued

Artist Behind the Label: Christine Moulson of Strange Fellows Brewing

Christine Moulson is the creative mastermind behind Strange Fellows Brewing’s celebrated block-print labels and she hopes they’ll help you see the world a bit differently, one beer at a time. I sat down (virtually, of course) with Christine Moulson, Brand Storyteller at Strange Fellows Brewing in Yeast Vancouver, to chat about beer, art, and SF’s … Continued

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