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Embracing Juneuary: Craft beer, surf, and van camping in Tofino

Is there anything more iconic than van-dwelling, craft beer-sipping, and surfing in Tofino?  BC’s surf capital isn’t exactly a secret. But, no matter how many times you explore the area in and around Tofino, there’s a chance to discover something new. Whether it’s an undiscovered-by-you view spot or a friendly face you meet along the … Continued

 Cascadian Beer Podcast: Ace Brewing

In this episode, Aaron visits Ace Brewing in Courtenay, BC. Breweries can be a strong focal point for any community. Many of them align their name with the characteristics or features of their surroundings. Ace Brewing opened its doors in 2019, and is proud of its vintage aviation theme, reflecting the history of the Comox … Continued

 Cascadian Beer Podcast: Alberni Brewing

In this episode, Aaron visits Alberni Brewing in Port Alberni, BC. As soon as travel restrictions opened up, Aaron hit the road and took a ferry to Vancouver Island! “It’s always a great feeling escaping the city and visiting communities around the province!” – Aaron Johnson. Aaron visited Alberni Brewing Company, a new brewery that … Continued

15 BC Attractions That Offer Craft Beer

Writer Lucas Aykroyd spotlights some perfect places to enjoy travel and tourism in British Columbia while sampling craft beer at the same time. The wait is finally over. It’s time to get back out there and explore British Columbia this summer. When you visit BC attractions that offer craft beer, it just makes your sightseeing … Continued

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