Arrive Thirsty. Leave Inspired.

When the small group of BC Ale Trail organizers came up with this catch phrase at one of our early planning sessions we knew we’d struck gold. That motto encapsulated everything we were trying to achieve with the BC Ale Trail, and it served as our beacon as we pushed forward, trying to make this project succeed. It wasn’t always a sure thing, but now that it’s “alive” we are all very excited and proud of what we’ve achieved in about a year’s time.


At launch we have seven regional ale trails for your enjoyment. These represent a diverse and tantalizing cross-section of British Columbia’s landscape, culture and beer. There’s BIG, as in the Kootenay Rockies, which is so big we had to divide it into two separate ale trails (East and West), and there’s small, as in Port Moody, which has four breweries on one three-and-a-half block stretch (call it a micro ale trail). And there’s everything in between, including the gorgeous coastal landscape and distinctive cultural fabric of the Sunshine Coast, Whistler’s inimitable vibe, the central Vancouver Island region of Nanaimo-Comox Valley, and Victoria, which has been the cradle of the craft beer revolution here since 1984.

Our videographers road tripped their way across the province, shooting photos and sipping beers wherever they went. The BC Ale trail is a tough job, but someone had to do it.

Part of our plan from the start was to let the stunningly beautiful natural wonder of this province speak for itself as much as possible. To do that, we sent our intrepid video and photography crew out on the road all through the summer of 2016. Geoff and Karolinka road tripped their way across the province, shooting photos and sipping beers wherever they went. It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it. The results are undeniable: all the photography and videography on this site.


To go along with those images we have created sample itineraries for you to use as inspiration for a beer-themed adventure of your own. Please don’t just do what we tell you to do — those itineraries are great, but you’ll have an even better time if you strike out on your own and make your own discoveries. That’ll probably make for a great story to share over a beer at the local brewery later that evening.


This is only just the start; there is plenty more to do in the next couple of years. The seven regions represented here at launch do not come close to encompassing all of British Columbia. In 2017 and 2018 we hope to finish this patchwork quilt we’ve started, filling in the blanks between Whistler and Victoria, between the Sunshine Coast and the Kootenay Rockies, between your inspiration to travel here and the taste of the beer in the glass once you arrive.

Let the Ale Trail be your guide.

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