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Hike Bamfield and Earn Your Happy Hour

Happy hour along the BC Ale Trail is an even more sacred time after an awesome day of outdoor adventures. Make your way to the marine outpost of Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island and amplify your cheers factor tenfold. Here’s how to do it. A hiking mecca, Bamfield has been known for … Continued

A road trip through BC: North to Haida Gwaii

Nothing says summer in Canada like a road trip. The days are long, the roads are drivable, and the possibility of adventure around every corner is abundant. Road trip! I kicked off my summer with a great British Columbian road trip. The final destination: Haida Gwaii. This mystical and remarkably beautiful archipelago of around 150 … Continued

On the BC Ale Trail with At Mission Dolores

My name is JP Lancaster and I play in a band from Kamloops, BC called At Mission Dolores. For me, the pursuit of music shares a similar ethos to craft beer. Both seek to make something where quality is never compromised. Quirks and oddities are embraced rather than suppressed for the sake of mass consumption. … Continued

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