Elevate Your Sourdough Bread Game with Craft Beer

Bring the brewery home! Say what you will about the coronavirus pandemic, but one undeniably positive thing about it — okay, the only positive thing about it — is that we’re living in the golden age of home bread baking. You may be aching with nostalgia for those carefree days when you would stroll by … Continued

Halloween on the BC Ale Trail

Halloween has been celebrated in one form or another since the time of the ancient Celts, around 2,000 years ago. Observing their new year on November 1st with a festival called Samhain, a Gaelic word that’s pronounced sow-win, Celts celebrated the harvest and welcomed in the “darker half” of the year. On October 31st, it … Continued

This Summer’s Best Beers on the BC Ale Trail

With the arrival of summer, here are 10 ideal summer beers from some of British Columbia’s best local craft breweries. Each of these 10 beers was hand-crafted and inspired by the warm-weather adventures and experiences that the province is known for, and most include special ingredients such as mango, cucumber or even jalapeño pepper! Would … Continued

Six Hoppy Date Ideas on the Ale Trail

Craft beer, romantic? You better believe it! Hop up your date night in cask style on the BC Ale Trail with these ideas for you and your sweetie! When my partner started homebrewing a few years ago, little did I know that his new hobby would become one of our favourite ways to go out … Continued

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