The BC Ale Trail is the definitive online resource for those interested in experiencing the extraordinary world of BC craft beer. It offers a series of self-guided tours highlighting local craft brewery destinations and the super, natural landscapes that surround them. Within each Ale Trail you will find recommended itineraries to explore select regions of BC—this includes an array of craft breweries, pubs, restaurants, cafes, outdoor activities, sightseeing, accommodations and more.


Most BC breweries work hard to create an amazing consumer experience — from the quality and variety of the beer they produce to the food they serve alongside it, as well as a range of other activities or experiences they offer, including:

  • guided tours
  • live music performances
  • regularly scheduled events (trivia nights, art shows, tasting seminars, etc.)
  • leisure activities (board games, pool tables, etc.)


Nominations close on Monday, October 15th, so spread the word and get your votes in before then. Nominations will be reviewed by the BC Ale Trail team and the final winner will be announced at the end of October!

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