We owe our namesake to one of our town’s most colorful and infamous figures. Dubbed “The Gentleman Bandit,” Miner made it a point never to rob the small folk, instead of targeting large companies like the hugely unpopular Canadian Pacific Railway.

The building has been deemed and protected under the Heritage Act of British Columbia in 2011 in an effort to recognize and preserve the neighborhood’s history.

Billy Miner Alehouse bears the marks of a truly storied past. Aesthetically, our building has all the stylistic cues that were typical of main-street commercial buildings of the day, with a two-storey wood-framed structure and a decorative parapet.

In the age of the tourist trap, it can be difficult to find authenticity. At Billy Miner, our presentation is steeped in history, hearkening back to simpler yet adventurous frontier times. We invite you to come in, sit back with a craft beer and feel the rumble of the freight engines passing by on the same tracks they used over a hundred years ago!

Billy Miner is first and foremost an alehouse, which means we really love good beer. We’ve partnered with our favourite domestic craft breweries to bring you some of the finest seasonal flavours you’ve ever had. If you don’t have a reason to celebrate, the beer itself might just give you reason enough to raise your glass one more time.


  • 10+ craft beer taps
  • Full restaurant

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