We love trying beers when we travel, but we also like to balance it out with being active outdoors. We put on some serious pounds when we were trying new beers a few times a week and had a more sedentary life in Atlanta. A couple weeks ago, BC Ale Trail and Sunshine Coast invited us up to try their beer and explore their great outdoors. It was the perfect way to blend our two loves.

The BC Ale Trail is made up of 15 individual regions. Each one has its own flavor and lets you explore a different part of British Columbia. The best part is that no matter where you are in BC, you’ll have easy access to its beautiful scenery. Today, we’re sharing more about the Sunshine Coast region of the BC Ale Trail.



Besides brewing delicious beers, Gibsons Tapworks aims to be a community hub for locals and visitors. Their tasting room features local artists’ on the walls, and they also host live music.

Our Favorite Beers: Lower G Brown Ale & Stormrider IPA

On Site: Beer on Tap, Growler Fills, 4OZ Samples
Beer Types: Brown Ale, IPA, Stout, Blonde Ale
Other: Tours are Offered (call to check times), Kids area Allowed, Light Snacks Available

(778) 462-2337
537 Cruice Lane, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V9


Persephone is a unique brewery because it runs a farm, where they grow some of their very own hops. Besides sourcing ingredients locally, they also partner with a local Community Living organization to employ disabled adults. Be sure to try the food they make on-site in their outdoor wood-fired oven.

Our Favorite Beers: Black Lager & IPA

On Site: Beer on Tap, Growler Fills, Cans, Bottles, 4OZ Samples
Beer Types: Saison, Pilsner, Lager, Cider, IPA, Stout, Golden Ale
Tours are Offered (call to check times), Kids area Allowed, Food Truck Nearby, Light Snacks Available

(778) 462-3007
1053 Stewart Rd, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V7


Located in the old Federal Building, Townsite is a popular spot amongst locals and the only brewery on the north side of the Sunshine Coast. We loved that everyone that walked in knew each other. On top of that, they have the only Belgian-born brewmaster west of Montreal. They name their beers after local sites, so see if you learn a thing or two as you enjoy their beers.


  • When to Go: The coast is mostly mild, although it can reach 32F (OC) in the winter and 90F (30C) in the summer. Summers are the busiest but that also means everything is open, whereas Spring and Fall may have limited hours.
  • Be flexible: the Sunshine Coast has an island vibe, that includes how they run their businesses. Sometimes businesses will be closed or have limited hours. Be prepared with back ups.
  • Pack Layers. No matter what time of year you go, pack layers so that you can stay warm in the morning and evenings but shed your layers when it gets hotter in the day.

This post is sponsored by BC Ale Trail and Sunshine Coast BC. All opinions are Local Adventurer‘s.

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