The Office

EST. 2021 | Kelowna

Finish up your work, throw your laptop out the window, and unwind with your friends at The Office.

Meetings are definitely more fun at The Office Brewery.

This new addition to Kelowna’s bustling North End Brewery District markets itself as the place to go at the end of your workday to unwind in the company of good friends—who may or may not also be your co-workers.

While the workplace theme is playfully explored through beer names like Water Cooler Gossip, Don’t Tell Accounting and Better Look Busy, the brewery does take brewing very seriously so expect high quality, delicious examples of traditional craft lagers, ales, and European-inspired brews.


Beer Service

  • Full Draught Service
    Draught Beer By the Glass
  • Growler Fills
  • Retail
    Cans and/or bottles available for purchase


  • Family Friendly
    you can bring the kids
  • Merchandise
    shirts, hats available for sale
  • Patio - Licensed

Food Service

  • Snacks
    Light Snacks Available
  • Tasting Room Kitchen
    Menu offering fresh food prepared on site

What Else?

  • Beer Cocktails
  • Cider
  • Gluten-Free Beer
  • Pub-Only/Single-Batch Brews
  • Sour Beer Production
  • Wine

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