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Firehall Ladies Night

Thursday is Firehall Ladies Night down here at the Brewery! We’re busting our exiled board game collection out of Covid Jail (our storage room filled with stuff we could no longer use when the pandemic started)… not that the pandemic is over, but it’s safe to say any coronaviruses on the games didn’t survive the … Continued

Live Music at Firehall Brewery – Jan 22

Ari Neufeld is a self-made one-man band, playing guitar, piano, banjo while singing and keeping time through an amplified stompbox, with ethnic beads, nuts, and bells strapped to his body. His performance covers a variety of genres from folk to pop, to a new country, to rhythmic soul, to rock but it is what he … Continued

New Years Inc.at Firehall Brewery

Everyone’s a CEO on Dec 31st at the “New Years Inc” Corporate Social, cutting the losses of 2021 and appraising our holdings in 2022. Dress Code: “Suits & Skirts.” DJ Mad Honey will chair the boardroom, so forget your liabilities and plan to shake your assets. The liquidity index will be high-yielding for the market … Continued

The Painted Chair Social

On Wednesday, December 8th, the Firehall Brewery, and The Painted Chair present… The Painted Chair Social! Providing jobs for citizens with disabilities through the refurbishment and upcycling of reclaimed furniture & clothing, the staff at the Painted Chair shop will be coming over to the Firehall Brewery to assist with bar service for a mid-week … Continued

Happy Hour Social at Firehall Brewery

C’mon down to the Firehall Brewery & Social House for some mid-week cheer, a chance to network and meet new people in the community. Door prizes and drink specials! Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Oliver.

Re-Re-Release at Firehall Brewery

October 6th is Canadian Beer Day, timing perfectly with the re-release (or is it re-re-re-release?) of the False Alarm Bitter downstairs in our taproom! A Firehall fan favourite, the False Alarm Bitter is a staple in every craft beer diet: a balanced pale ale brewed with quality barley malts and not TOO much hops, just … Continued

Cask & Keg Tribute at Firehall Brewery

Once again, the COVID-19 pandemic has rained on our parade. And by “parade”, we mean the Oliver Cask & Keg Festival, the beer/cider/spirits portion of our community’s Fall Festival. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tap a few casks and cheers to craft and community! The $12 admission gets each attendee a pint from their … Continued

Trivia Nights at Firehall Brewery

We’re STOKED to kick off another season of Trivia Night at Firehall Brewery TODAY! We still have a few tables available, so snag ’em while you can at www.firehallbrewery.com/events! We’re doing another 14 weeks, roughly half the season outside and then we’ll move it inside. As per usual, table reservations open the Sunday before at … Continued

Canadian Punk Legends @ Firehall Brewery

They’re back! Tickets go up for sale on July 15, 2021. Get your tickets before they’re gone! D.O.A. started out in a whirlwind of controversy and upheaval. In 1978 three guys fresh out of high school from the backwaters of Canada’s suburbs heard about the punk rock revolution. In February 1978 the band formed and … Continued

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