Whether it’s cracking open an IPA after a bottomless day in the backcountry, or guzzling a post-fatbike pint, not much can beat the feeling of a chilled après beer on a pow day.

Keen to get a closer look at why shredding pairs so well with beer, I interviewed five beer-loving, BC-based riders to get the in on their favourite brews, breweries, and what’s keeping them stoked this winter season.

Shredding and beer: Dylan Siggers - Steve Reed - BC Ale Trail
Dylan Siggers cracks open a can of Fernie Brewing Company‘s Finish Line. (Photo Contributed by Steve Reed)

Dylan Siggers

Local resort: Fernie Alpine Resort
Go-to brewery: Fernie Brewing Co.
Instagram: @dylansiggers, @burrrlapz, @electricblanketbandclub
Fun fact: I play in a band called Electric Blanket Band Club

Can you describe your passion for skiing in three words?

I always use the word spastic for my skiing. And I don’t want to use the word creative but I want something to tie in making videos … so maybe collaborative. And powder.

Sweet, what’s your best trick?

I don’t know if I have a best trick because I’m more of a powder guy, but I do tricks in powder. My favourite trick is probably a 180, but usually that’s off something that makes a 180 a hard trick to do. I like to do them off big cliffs or something.


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How long have you been shredding in Fernie?

I actually grew up here. My parents moved here when they were in their 20s I was born here and just haven’t left.

So you’re one of those rare locals. I noticed you also ride for Fernie Brewing Co. What’s your favourite beer?

I’m not even biased, but Hit The Deck [Hazy IPA] is my favourite beer out of all the local breweries. I also like Finish Line [Hazy Pale Ale], but I like Hit The Deck more.

If you were a Fernie Brewing beer, which would you be?

Hit The Deck… I think cause I’m kind of tangy, and like, a lot to handle.

What’s your favourite way to drink a can of the good stuff?

With my thumb and then shotgunning.­­

Shredding and beer: Brenna Donaldson
Brenna Donaldson

Brenna Donaldson

Local resort: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
Go-to brewery: Whitetooth Brewing Co.
Instagram: @bkesleyd
Ambassadorships: Orage, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
Fun fact: I competed in the Junior Freeride circuit in my teens

What are three words that describe your stoke for shredding?

Fun, creativity, and longevity.

Do you have any go-to tricks?

Big ol’ powder turns, and slashes that get all the snow up in your face are my go-to.

Where do you go to kick back with a beer after a long day on the slopes?

Whitetooth Brewing Company! I’m a little biased I’m the tasting room manager and marketing manager there. It’s one of my absolute favourite places to go after a day of riding. That being said, I do enjoy a lot of BC breweries. I’m currently sippin’ on a Kelp Stout from Tofino Brewing and the Con Leche Horchata Style Milk Stout from Twin Sails has been a bit of a staple in my après beers this year.


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So if you were a Whitetooth Brewing beer, which would you be?

I think I would be Thread the Needle Witbier. A light and refreshing beer, made with lemongrass, coriander, and szechuan pepper. Easy-going, but just a little spicy.

What’s your favourite way to crack open a bottle of Thread the Needle?

My favourite way to crack a cold one is pretty chill. Post ski, fire going, gear drying, dinner cooking, and most of the time my beer is paired with some sort of board game. Just the absolute best way to wind down!

Is there anything, in particular, you’re looking forward to this season?

My aim is to stay local, to try to enjoy everything my wonderful backyard has to offer, and to ski as much as I possibly can!

Shredding and beer: Kyle James - Kyle James - BC Ale Trail
Kyle James hits a rail.

Kyle James

Local resort: Sun Peaks Resort
Go-to brewery: Bright Eye Brewing
Instagram: @kylejamesimages
Youtube: KyleJames1
Fun fact: I was 26 when I learned to snowboard…at an indoor slope in Glasgow

Describe your stoke for shredding in three words…

Relentless, constant, and frothy!

Do you have a favourite, frothy trick? 

Can’t beat a smooth backy for feeling feisty and free.

Kyle James - Natalie Sky photography
Kyle James – Photo: Natalie Sky photography

Speaking of free, paint me a picture of your favourite way to crack a cold one…  

Picture this: I’ve been riding with the crew all day, finding the purest of lines. We reach the bottom of the hill on the last run of the day. We think the good times are over when one of the boys pulls out a cooler it’s stacked with brewskis, we’re talking IPA, pale ale, weissbier, you name it. The sun begins to set, we all turn to one another, nodding in appreciation of a stellar day. Right as we cheers, the clouds ignite in a fiery glow. We stare in amazement. This is perfection. End scene.

You mentioned you like Bright Eye. If you were one of their beers, which would you be?
I would be their Napoleon cause just like that stout I’m tall, dark, and handsome (and love walks on the beach). For real though, that flavour combo milk stout with coffee, caramel and sea salt is a good personality match. Punchy and smooth, classic Scotsman.

Anything you’re looking forward to this season?

I’m stoked on many more amazing powder days riding and getting banger shots of my homies, then kicking back and chilling in the hot tub with a cold one.

Aut-Lin Foster - @captainmoephoto - BC Ale Trail
Aut-Lin Foster skis a tree run on a powder day. (Photo by @captainmoephoto)

Aut-Lin Foster

Local resort: Sun Peaks Resort
Go-to brewery: Bright Eye Brewing
Instagram: @autlinfoster
Ambassadorships: McSporties, Armada
Fun fact: This year I became the Armada ambassador for McSporties – one of my lifelong ski career goals has been achieved and I’m incredibly stoked and hyped.

Describe your stoke for skiing in three words?

I’m actually staring at the words on my fridge right now they’re live, freedom, and ski. Years ago, I went and picked up a car on the Island, and on the way back at the terminal there was a stand with a bunch of these little laser-cut metal magnets. I saw them and picked out the three that jumped out to me right away. And yeah, they were live, freedom, and ski.

 Do you have a favourite trick?

I’d have to say my favourite trick to do is a cork seven.

Shredding and beer: Aut-Lin Foster - submitted photo
Aut-Lin Foster

Fancy! What’s your favourite way to crack a cold one?

I’d have to say I’m a huge fan of the après, not even just after a good day, it could be a bad day, just after any day skiing with friends.

Do you have a go-to brewery?

I’d say my favourite one would be Bright Eye.

Shredding and beer: Aut-Lin Foster - submitted photo
Aut-Lin Foster

What’s your typical order?

It changes all the time, but usually my go-to is the darkest beer they have on the menu. Anything that’s a stout they usually have really good stouts. Most times I go there I don’t even look at the beer menu, I just say “Give me the darkest beer you guys have.”

If you were a beer from their menu, what beer would you be?

I’m trying to think of a beer that would have layers of flavour to it … actually I would be a flight of beer, because there’s lots going on. There are definitely lots of different layers to me, lots to get to know and understand.

Shredding and beer: PJ Hunton - PJ Hunton - BC Ale Trail
PJ Hunton shreds on his bike in knee-deep snow.

PJ Hunton

Local resort: Kimberley Alpine Resort
Go-to brewery: Container Brewing
Occupation: Senior design engineer for Norco Bicycles
Youtube: Less Work, More Play
Fun fact: I do a bunch of different types of shredding: skiing, noboarding, snowmobiling, and of course mountain biking

Describe your stoke for shredding in three words…

Love doing skids. Because basically all of the things that I do are about doing skids.

Apart from skids, what do you love most about winter adventures?

I like to go to places where I feel really small and totally insignificant. Then the other part of it is the actual shredding it’s those moments of bliss where you’re two-wheel drifting or carving a big fat high G-force turn on skis. The combination of those two…life doesn’t get much better than that.



Do you ever bring beers on your adventures?

There are many great times to drink beer, but after a day of shredding, ideally in the backcountry…nothing really tastes better than that. Like yesterday, I went ski touring with a good buddy of mine, and because I’m a good snowmobiler I know you should always bring beer with you. I mean, it is a bit of a religious thing to be able to do.

Do you have a go-to local brewery?

I’m not dedicated to one brewery, but certainly, some of my local favourites would be Over Time Beer Works in Kimberley. Fernie Brewing is doing an amazing job with a lot of their beers these days, and same with the Nelson Brewing Company. I was also in some ways sad to leave the city from a beer perspective, because a couple years ago two of my good buddies started Container Brewing, and I have a real hankering for the beers those guys make.

Do you have a favourite Container Brewing brew?

Their Forty Footer is a super good one.

PJ Hunton - submitted
PJ Hunton

What’s the run you love to shred at your local ski hill — and what’s your favourite local beer to enjoy afterwards? Post your pics and tag the @bcaletrail!

Don’t live near any of the mountain resorts listed above? Please use this as a resource for planning your next winter trip. Some of these beers are also available in liquor stores throughout British Columbia, so you can seek them out there or check the individual brewery’s website for possible delivery or shipping options.  

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