Looking Back at 2022: The Year of the Comeback

Call it the Year of the Comeback: 2022 saw the return of beer festivals, beer judging/awards, and beer conferences. With all the trials and tribulations of 2020 and 2021 behind us, we all went into 2022 with a hopeful smile and a Zen-like sense of serenity, right? OK, maybe it wasn’t quite so serene and … Continued

The EXPLORE BC Peach Farmhouse Ale Collaboration Beer

A Beer Inspired by BC and Brewed for You The EXPLORE BC Peach Farmhouse Ale is a collaboration between six breweries from across British Columbia. BC peaches present a beautiful golden-orange colour, while the Lærdal Kveik yeast and BC hops provide fruity, floral flavours above a clean rounded malt base that elevates the whole beer. … Continued

A BC Beer Hunt: Roadtripping Up North to Ursa Minor Brewing

With any road trip in BC, there are new breweries to experience and even to stay at. Our journey up through the Northwest Ale Trail included three nights staying near BC’s most remote craft brewery: Ursa Minor Brewing. Let the Ale-Trailing begin! August in BC is beautiful. With pandemic restrictions declining and air travel nightmares all … Continued

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