Our Signature store location, Liquor @ 248th, features 10,000 sq ft of shopping space with one of the largest walk-in beer coolers in BC.

Plus, with over 3,200 wine labels, our in-house Sommelier has lots to choose from for members of our Wine Locker Program. We have one of the largest spirit selections in BC and with our large walk-in beer cooler, we have a wide variety of ice-cold beers and ciders! Our knowledgeable team can assist with recommendations and food pairings with your drink of choice. For only $10 you can purchase a lifetime Co-op membership (to be used at all Otter locations) and you’ll earn cash and equity rewards based on our profits and your yearly purchases, it pays to be a member!


  • Cicerone Certified Beer or Prud'homme Servers on Staff
  • Curated Craft Beer Suggestions
  • Loyalty Program
  • Over 50 BC Craft Beer SKUs
  • Refrigerated Craft Beer Section

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