Weathered is all about the extreme end of the beer spectrum.

Weathered is a curated beer and art event celebrating imperial stouts, barleywine, extreme hops, and fancy sours! It will feel a bit like a beer tasting, elements of a bottle share, and a beer art gallery – all merged into one. Weathered is all about the extreme end of the beer spectrum.

Session 1 is 1-5pm

Session 2 is 7-11pm

Beers will be the same at both sessions. ‘Farmhouse’ ales will be included where appropriate, as an ode to our summer festival roots. That said, this is winter, and focus will be on the darkness…

Brewery List – (subject to change, will be updated often). Specific beer list posted closer to the event.

Weathered is not quite like a beer festival. Beers will be poured throughout the event’s four main bars. The Imperials Bar, The Gueuze & Friends Bar, The Hops Bar, and The Magnum Bottle Bar. Both sessions will feature the same beer menu,

Heritage Hall is a great venue to showcase the artwork of the brewing industry. Multiple columns throughout will display designs and artwork from the beers or breweries pouring. Another component of the art gallery theme will be projected videos and visuals related to the beers and breweries.

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