BNA Brewing - Kelowna - BC Ale Trail

In this episode, Aaron visits BNA Brewing in Kelowna, BC.

BNA Brewing is located in a 100-year-old building that was built by the British North American Tobacco Company, which used it to dry tobacco leaves and roll cigars. Later, when fruit became the main agricultural crop in the area, it became a fruit cannery, but since the 1960s, the space was largely unused — until BNA’s founders saw it and began dreaming about what they could do with it.

BNA Brewing on the BC Ale Trail
BNA Brewing (and bowling) in Kelowna, BC

BNA Brewing opened its doors in 2015 and has been gradually expanding ever since. Not just a brewery, this building also houses a great eatery, as well as an upstairs bowling alley.

BNA Brewing on the BC Ale Trail
BNA Brewing in Kelowna, BC

Aaron sat down with one of the owners, Kyle Nixon, who first got into craft beer when he was playing hockey in Minnesota and tried Sierra Nevada Brewing for the first time.



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