Podcast: Field House Brewing

I’ve traveled out to the Fraser Valley in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia to visit a brewery with an extremely local focus. Opening its doors in 2016, Field House Brewing tries to incorporate local ingredients not only in its beers, but also in the food served in its tasting room as well. I sat down with … Continued

 Podcast: Category 12 Brewing

I’m back on Vancouver Island visiting a brewery that truly stands out in the BC beer scene. Category 12 is located just north of downtown Victoria and they focus on being a little more experimental in the beers they produce. I sat down with Michael & Karen Kuzyk. Thanks to The BC Ale Trail for making this episode possible.  

 Podcast: Backcountry Brewing

Along the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia is the community of Squamish. Known as the recreational capital of Canada, this small town is home to a brewery that embraces that spirit to heart. I sat down with two of the co-founders Ben Reeder & John Folinsbee of Backcountry Brewing.

 Podcast: Hoyne Brewing

Victoria, British Columbia is a key centre for craft beer in BC. Sean Hoyne started his career in at the iconic Swans Brewpub when it opened in 1989. From there he has been part of Victoria’s craft beer scene ever since. In recent years, he finally had the opportunity to open his own brewery, Hoyne Brewing.

 Podcast: Victoria Beer Week

I’ve traveled to Victoria, British Columbia to attend Victoria Beer Week. Now in its 5th year, this festival helps highlight not only the history of craft beer in Victoria, but of Vancouver Island as well. The week featured a wide variety of events from themed beer nights, food pairings, homebrewing classes and much more. In this episode I … Continued

 Podcast: Strange Fellows Brewing

Along Clark Drive in Vancouver is a brewery inspired by old world traditions while still staying true to the Pacific Northwest. Part of Vancouver “Yeast Van” neighbourhood, Strange Fellows Brewing opened their doors in 2014. I spoke with Owner & Brewmaster Iain Hill.

 Podcast: Brewers Row – Port Moody (Part 2)

What if all your favourite breweries were on the same street? Well, that’s exactly what has happened in Port Moody, BC. The zoning of the municipality has created a unique situation where all the breweries are located on Murray Street. There are four breweries situated on this street, which has earned it the nickname of “Brewers … Continued

 Podcast: Brassneck Brewery

Aaron is in Metro Vancouver in British Columbia at a local craft beer cult favourite, Brassneck Brewery. It opened its doors on October 2nd 2013 and is the creative project of some of Vancouver’s craft beer icons. I sat down and spoke with Brassneck Brewery’s brewmaster Conrad Gmoser.

 Podcast: Central City Brewers & Distillers

Today I’m in Surrey, British Columbia. Just south of the Fraser River is the production facility for the popular Central City Brewers and Distillers. They started out small as a brewpub in 2003 but have rapidly expanded to the size they are today. I sat down with their brewmaster and part-owner Gary Lohin. Visit Central City on the … Continued

 Podcast: BC Beer Awards 2017

 October is BC Craft Beer Month and the highlight is the BC Beer Awards. All of the British Columbia brewing industry comes together to celebrate BC Craft Beer. In this episode Joe Wiebe (Thirsty Writer) joins me to co-host this episode. BC Beer Awards Winners List http://bcbeerawards.com/winners-2017/ In this episode we spoke with: Ken … Continued

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